Antigo Shrike

The Scarred Guard


A rugged young man with mismatched armour and scars on every visible patch of skin. He is cold, but not unfriendly, though lacking tact. According to Greigor, Antigo is famous in certain circles, and a competent fighter more than capable of defending the caravan from threats. Antigo seems particularly devoted to the protection of Greigor.

In conversation, Antigo has revealed that his scars were not the doing of the Askheer Union, as some had suspected, but instead his own fault, Antigo mentioning that he ’wasn’t quick enough’. When asked about the Askheer Union, Antigo responded positively, mentioning that Greigor would still have a sum of money if the Union had only expanded to the west. He has a keen knowledge and admiration for the Askheer Union, and a particular fascination with Mullrande, King of Aska.

Whilst drunk, Antigo made statements suggesting negativity between himself and hobgoblins. During this drunken spiel, he referred to himself as ‘Antigo the Shrike, the great disemboweler’ and swore entertainment at the cost of his life to the ‘great king’. He appeared to know the words very well, though slurred through them on this occasion.

Antigo has implied that he has experience fighting animals in an arena scenario, or that he knows people who have.

Antigo Shrike

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