Armande Rouibon

Prince of Midgard and Expedition Leader


Younger brother to Queen Elese Rouibon of Midgard, Armande never had the political mind of his sister. Greigor insists that despite his selfish nature and preference of swordplay over diplomacy he will make an ideal leader for the convoy. Armande has brought with him on the expedition the only things in the world he cares about more than himself, his wife, Vittora, his son, Marco, and his horse, Rev.

Despite seeming to be carefree to a point of carelessness, Armande has displayed a deep desire to see his son happy and successful, going so far as to rig a competition in order to make Marco feel accomplished. During his admission and apology for doing so, Armande revealed a softer, gentler side than that of his usual happy-go-luck fa├žade, letting slip some of his insecurities as a father.

Armande has something of a drinking problem, the problem being that he can’t control himself around liquor. Whilst he doesn’t seem to seek out alcohol, if he is presented with it he will take full advantage. This has led to a strong sense of camaraderie between Armande and Antigo Shrike, who is also known to partake in excess.

Armande Rouibon

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