Beatriss Stockade

Armour-Clad and Immovable


Sister-in-law to the current Patron of Clan Oreseeker, Dorvolth Oreseeker, and sister to his now deceased wife. Beatriss signed onto the expedition in order to watch over her nephew, Dulodin, whom Dorvolth insisted on bringing with him in spite of the dangers. A lifelong fighter, Beatriss has taken a particular affinity to using armour to it’s maximum effectiveness whilst raining death with her waraxe.

Beatriss was a member of a deep road patrol in Briga. Despite being young, and attractive enough to marry into wealth, Beatriss favoured the military life of protecting miners and merchants from the dangers of the tunnels. Her body has taken the toll of her burden, and the burden of her armour, making her look more hardened and weathered than would be expected of her age.

Beatriss Stockade

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