Albion is splintered. The fractured nations of the continent locked in petty wars that threaten to bring the inevitable collapse. Fears run high as the barbarian kingdoms of Aska and Kheeriin in the east come together to form the greatest military alliance in the history of Albion, the Askheer Union. The sister nations of Coettos and Pollos wage a bloody war in the fields of Thrag, where underfoot the Dwarven Kingdom is fighting it’s own war against itself. The lords of the Free Cities of Dahla continue their vile experiments, while the hobgoblin nation of Nikovash has increased the frequency of raids into Pyne, every time taking more slaves. Schvarzslund’s crusade against the darkness of Khorrland seems to have no resolution, despite the continuing bloodshed. Garland and Aravelle continue the fighting with their mainland neighbours of Ampiers and Braysae. There is nothing but war, no end to the bloodshed.

Thankfully, the intrepid men of the Temple of Abadar have a solution; colonise the neighbouring wild continent of Froita Madura. After receiving the bulk of the needed funding from the Kingdom of Midgard, and a strong leader in the form of Armande Rouibon, younger brother of Queen Elese of Midgard, the Temple of Abadar is ready to start the expedition. You joined the expedition in the Midgardian capital of Elessia, there is still a month-long journey through Pyne and Vesania before reaching the launching point, the Vesanian city of Amberwatch, followed by a further month at sea before finally reaching the coasts of Froita Madura, where you can forge a new life for yourself.

Missionaries of Abadar