Juna of Suemahli

Silk-Clad Sandveili Representative


The elected representative of a rich and powerful investor from Mydas, in the continent of Sandveil, Juna is shy and secretive. Rarely leaving the wagon, even to eat or sleep, she keeps to herself. She wears rich, blue silk covering the bulk of her body, revealing little more than her bright, amber eyes.

Juna is a poet, and has a soft spot for poetry of all kinds. Though all of the poetry she’s written is in a language unfamiliar to most party members. She is awkward and apologetic in conversation, suggesting a lack of experience in the field. In spite of this, she will offer to read her poetry to a willing listener, and enjoy herself whilst doing so.

She explained that her siblings are all slaves, her sisters part of the harem of a Sheik, and her brothers sold to the fighting pits. She worries about her siblings, but it aware that there is nothing she can do for them at the present.

Juna of Suemahli

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