Syrio Fernwey

The Carefree Explorer and Jack of All Trades


A career explorer and an accomplished jack-of-all-trades, Syrio sank the last of his personal wealth into the expedition, claiming that it would be the adventure of a lifetime. Though shadowed his illegitimate daughter and protector, Thelessia, Syrio is free-spirited and excitable, often laughing in the face of danger.

Despite not making a particularly big deal about it, Syrio is a member of the royalty of Pyne, as the third-in-line for the throne after his older brother, Goldrin, and older sister, Duilomae. He is one of eight children, from oldest to youngest they are Goldrin, Duilomae, Syrio, Melyssia, Llelawynn, Thenar, Volkinnian, and Arthros. King Casimir, Syrio’s father, is reportedly very protective of his children, Syrio joking that he’ll be lucky if he can get out of Talltrees after visiting his father for the first time in thirty years.

Syrio’s relationship with Thelessia, appears to be deceptively simple, a daughter protecting her foolish father’s life; though conversation suggests there may be more to it than meets the eye.

Syrio Fernwey

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