Thelessia Brambles

Syrio's Bastard Daughter


The bastard daughter of Syrio Fernwey and a bowyer from Midgard. Thelessia has been accompanying and protecting her father since the death of her mother almost five years ago. When Syrio signed on for the expedition, there was no way he could deter Thelessia from signing onto the protection detail. As well as being fiercely loyal to her father, Thelessia prides herself on her skill with a bow, boasting great accuracy at great distances and a speed unmatched in all of Albion.

In conversation Thelessia seems cold, though it seems to be more of an overwhelming sense of duty than a dislike of company. She never strays far from her father’s side, and will proudly declare that she’ll protect him from his own stupidity if he’s so bold to talk about it.

Thelessia Brambles

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